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Portland Day Two

So on Wednesday, we thought since the weather was iffy – and by iffy for us in the Pacific Northwest we meant a higher chance of rain than just dodging showers – we thought we’d head out toward the coast. Chad wanted to go to de Garde Brewery and I wanted to get a cache called Hembre Ridge that was placed on November 4, 2000. Yep, that’s right. Nearly ancient in geocaching terms. I’m working on a challenge and it was one of the two remaining caches I needed. Plus, it was “on the way” to Tillamook, by which I mean it was also West or Portland.

We bundled up and rolled out in our tiny but thus far competent Chevy Spark. A previous cacher had nicely provided 10 waypoints to help future cachers get to Hembre Ridge because it was some random logging roads in the middle of nowhere Tillamook State Forest. I was hoping that Oregon’s logging roads were kept in better repair than those back home. I was not disappointed. They were, in fact, in better repair than a majority of the roads in Morgantown!

We had a pretty decent increase in elevation, but unfortunately it was extremely foggy and so while I’m sure the views were vast and wonderful, we couldn’t see them. No worries because I got the cache. And it was nicely tucked under a tree which provided some respite from the light, but steady rain.

Nearby the cache is a very nice little memorial plaque placed in honor of the original cache owner who passed away. It’s made to look like a benchmark and blends right in since nearby are the remains of the feet of a fire tower.

Mission #1 accomplished. Now back down the hill and on to de Garde Brewery which was housed in an industrial complex. An industrial complex that had a super sketchy looking air museum. Uh, huh. yes, I’m sure that is an air museum and not a giant murder shed. I would feel completely safe paying admission to enter (and probably never exit in one piece or alive).

Chad assured me that the building is probably just simply difficult to paint and that it wasn’t a murder house. To him I countered, then perhaps they should not have painted it if they didn’t want it to look like a murder house when the paint faded. Huh? Huh?

Unfortunately for Chad (and by proxy me) de Garde Brewing was not open on Wednesdays. No, no it was not. So thusly disappointed we headed to the airplane museum / murder hanger The Tillamook Cheese Factory. Unfortunately we had (again) failed to factor in that it was spring break and raining out. Which meant everyone and his and her brother, sister, cousin, grandma, grandpa and some stranger they found on the side of the road was there. For comparison, The Tillamook Cheese Factory is pretty much the cheese version of Chocolate World, only with out the ride. So yeah, it was a little much.

So while we didn’t check out the inner cheese workings very long, we did decide to suck it up and wait in line for the ice cream because we were already running behind on our quota of vacation ice cream. It was a well oiled machine to get through the line, thank goodness. But unfortunately neither of us focused on the profuse amounts of ice cream other people were carrying around. So we both ordered what I thought was simply a two scoop serving because I wanted two different flavors. And then they handed our ice cream waffle bowls to us. We had made a terrible mistake.

A delicious terrible mistake, but still. That was a lot of ice cream. Too much, in fact. WAY too much. Yes. I wrote that. I always said it out loud several times.

So full of ice cream we headed out to the actual coast to check out Twin Rocks State Park. It’s a tiny strip of land from which you can see these very cool rocks, hence the name. One of the rocks has a hole worn through so it’s actually an arch. To say the beach was breezy would be a complete untruth. It was insanely windy. So much so that the sand was whipping along so hard it stung my ankles. Still, incredibly beautiful.

We ended the day with a fine dinner of fish and chips just a few blocks from B & Kim’s place. Yum. Yum. Yum.

chris on March 25th 2015 in Geocaching, Travel

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