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My original plan for Saturday, June 6, was to go geoaching at Seneca Rocks with a good portion of the MAGPI gang. Being broken put a kibosh on that idea (and the percocet didn’t help much either). So instead of meeting up in Fairmont at 7:30 a.m. I was safely planted in bed surrounded by pillows and cats, my arm swaddled in bandages.

My mood was in no way improved when I finally managed to reach the great outdoors (if you can call the postage stamp size back yard the great outdoors) and noticed it was a perfect day for caching. I was missing it! The first big warm weather outing of the season. Aw man.

Tuesday I was flipping through the mail that had accumulated during my convalescence and noticed this…..

You guys are awesome, without a doubt!

chris on June 18th 2009 in Geocaching

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