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preparation….not my strong suit

I’m heading to the big geocaching geek-fest known as Geowoodstock X this week. And as typical I’ve been pretty slow getting my stuff together. Oh sure I have a list, but seriously, having a list and using the list are two completely different things.

In addition I’m trying to squeeze in a few extra things, you know, just for good measure.  So on Monday I found myself emailing to Purple Monkey Dishwasher, who knows me and my level of un-preparedness oh so well. So yes, instead of actually doing something, you know…proactive, such as packing, I was sitting there with my laptop, my list and a hi-liter.

Me to PMD around 5:00 pm Monday, May 21

So Thursday I leave for geowoodstock.

Tomorrow I have the suite for the Washington Wild Things – minor league baseball. Wednesday we have MAGPI beer and wings.

I have not loaded maps on my Garmins yet. Have to check and make sure all appropriate state maps are loaded on the DeLorme. Also I now have a nuvi and I need to figure out how to put caches on it. Bump said he would show me Wednesday.

Also I have not begun to pack. But I do have a nice list.

And to cap things off….I’m not coming home from geowoodstock. Instead I am going to grab caches in Missouri, Arkansas and Mississippi with the Bumps then drive East and pick Chad up at Myrtle Beach airport. We will then go to Wilmington and hang out.  I pity Uncle BJ who will be stuck with the neediest cats in America. And also one very spoiled ferret.

I’m very ready for vacation. But not so much for the prep that is required.

Me to PMD about 1 hour later.

Step 1: Load some maps to Garmins. I say some because I do not have the patience to load all the maps I’ll need. Also I don’t know how I am getting from GW to wherever exactly. I’ll figure that out later.

Step 2: Ask Chad what maps need to be loaded to DeLorme.

Step 3: well I’m not here yet. I’m working on it. but not yet.

Also I’m sitting on the sofa with my laptop and I have on one shoe and the other is off. I figure this is how it’s going to be for a bit.

(Interlude where PMD suggests I stop emailing her and get around to the business getting something done for this trip. I typically listen to PMD, so I did eventually leave the sofa.)

Me to PMD about another hour and a half later (clearly I take her “stop messing around & stop emailing me” advice to heart)

Step 3: Freak out because I can not find my SPOT device. Search each car twice. Search drawer where it typically resides AND all surrounding drawers – TWICE. Remember I saw it in the attic this morning.

Step 4: Begin to assemble clothes. Try on bathing suits to ensure they fit – they do. Spend additional time trying to pair shirts with skirts/shorts. Also, mutter a lot.

Step 5: Go for a walk.

Me about an hour later (I’ve stopped emailing PMD because I figure maybe staying away from the computer would make me more productive.)

Step 6: Put clothes in suitcase. Realize that’s a lot of clothes. Also realize I might need a secondary suitcase for the “stuff” that I need.

Step 7:  Throw “stuff” in clothes basket, lay clothes basket on top of suitcase, decide to deal with it later.

Me Tuesday, May 22

Attend Washington Wild Things game (very fun, excellent fireworks).

Go home, go to bed.

Me Wednesday, May 23

MAGPI Beer & Wings. Sweet.

chris on May 23rd 2012 in Geocaching

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