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Quarry & Misdirection

It’s always fun to head up to the Fayette Cong and cache with that fun group! So when we saw they were heading to an old rock quarry to do some caching, a bunch of us said, “Duh, heck yeah we’re coming!” And so, much to our surprise, we showed up early and ready for adventure. Bring on Gray Station Quarry (GC1YJDG)!

Now this was supposed to be a fairly non stressful walk to a cool quarry. What we turned it into was…several hours of misdirection, unnecessary bushwhacking, cliffs, fallen trees and finally the cache. Summed up, this is what I wrote in my log:

“We came to the first fork in the road and some of the head of the pack were already bearing right. But someone who claimed to have info from a previous finder said, go left! So we did. And we walked, and we walked and we walked and darn if the cache was still to our right. Oh no, were we circling it?

By this time the lead, lead pack had splintered off and disappeared from sight. A phone call later we did a little retreat and egroeg tried his best to get us back on track, even though we had to get our bushwhack on. And then when that failed – cliff face – we had to back track some more and take on a lovely steep hillside of possible doom.

Then and only then were we back on paved terra firma. Our pack brought up the rear of the train. Most everyone was lounging on the rocks and I was happy to see that not only was loyal sidekick safe and sound, he seemed happy due to the plentiful internets. ”

Did we have fun? Hell yes! After all, poor decisions make awesome stories. Well, if they don’t kill you first.

Now, time for some BBQ.

chris on November 18th 2012 in Geocaching

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