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Rebellion Day

Fun, Sun, Fireworks and cooking out, right? That’s what Rebellion Day celebrating is all about…

Ummm, yes. Unless of course you live in Morgantown, WV. Unbeknownst to most of the residents, the City Council apparently voted to uproot us from the Mid-Atlantic region and plop us smack in the middle of the Pacific Northwest. Not that I mind the Pacific Northwest. In fact I rather like it, but still you’d like to have some warning about these things.

As it is, Rebellion Day dawned (loosely because it was forever for the sun to try to eek through the clouds) wet. It stayed wet, becoming wetter if possible. Then we had about an hour reprieve which only served to get our hopes up before the additional wet set in.

Sometime around 9 pm it was still drizzling, but hey, it’s Rebellion Day and we wanted to see the fireworks. So out we marched onto the street and that’s when the rain started (again).

First a drizzle, then a sprinkle, then just rain and finally pouring rain. Oh yes, boys and girls, we got WET. Rotten, stinkin’, soaking, cold, dripping wet. The fireworks were good, but I suspect the powers that be eeked the show out as long as possible to see how many poor saps would stand there getting soaked for a free show. At least five on our street!

chris on July 9th 2008 in Family

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