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Roller Skate Skinny

So the niece had a roller skating a birthday party at Mt. Gretna. Now this was an old school roller rink my friends. Carpet on the walls for cushioning (oh yeah, you read that right) and super polished wood plank floors.  That’s Bronwyn in the purple shirt.

Being the dutiful aunt & uncle that we are (stop laughing) we laced on the old school roller skates (because I forgot to pack our roller blades) and hit the hardwood. You know what? I had forgotten how much fun roller skating is. Oh yeah, it was fun.

And WAY better than being on the treadmill or exercise bike. Although the roller skates were heavy. Far heavier than my roller blades. It was like I had strapped on cinder blocks that happened to have four wheels screwed to them. Anyway, cinder block or not,  it was fun. It was so much fun that I had to be drug back to the snack bar for cake. Yeah, me being drug away from exercise for food. Seriously, stop laughing.

The cake was (of course) a work of coolness. And deliciousness. Delicious coolness, chocolate Egyptian goodness.  How can you top that?  You so know that if Dr. Kent Weeks had a birthday cake, it would totally look like that. (I half-heartedly apologize for that last bit of geekiness. Yes, I think Egyptologists are rock stars.) And Chad pointed out that surely when Bronwyn is defending her dissertation in Egyptology that this cake is going to be the photo on the cover.

And don’t think the aunt & uncle were the only grown ups with skates. The birthday girl’s mom & dad were FAR MORE COOL in their inline skates and mad food service skills. Hot pizza & soda? On skates? What madness!

Sadly since we had to get back to Morgantown we left before the party was completely over.  But I’m totally dragging out the roller blades, well once I find them.

chris on March 14th 2010 in Family

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