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ruanwv tries to kill us again

After braving A True WV Geocacher 1 (two fails, many hours and finally a find), A True WV Geocacher 2 (two fails, a severely bruised knee, a spider bite that caused sidekick to end up in the ER with a thankle and finally a find) it was inevitable that we went toe to to with A True WV Geocacher 3. And Sunday (after hiking all over the Mon National Forest in pursuit of wvcoalcat caches) seemed as good a day as any.

I can’t say too much about this cache for two reasons:

1. It’s a puzzle – so you have to figure out what tool to use (there goes about half our photos)

2. Both stages are tricky – so I had to seriously edit photos

My recap of the days adventure in question form.

1. How did you guys find the location for stage one and not die in the process?

2. How in the heck did you place stage one and not die in the process.

3. Do you seriously think we’re going to make a geotrail through those rhody? You know, the ones that I could not even see the people that were five feet in front of me through?

4. Why do you hate us so?

5. Why are you trying to kill wvhunter? (no wait, that’s a rhetorical quesiton.)

6. Ok. Did you feel ridiculous carrying the final through the woods?

At any rate we had an EXCELLENT time! We did not die. We did not get injured. And we got it in one try. Rock on!

I can’t share more. I wish I could. But that would spoil every one else’s fun!

chris on September 24th 2011 in Geocaching

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