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Slopping at the Trough

in 2006 sidekick and I missed our chance to go after Slopping at the Trough. Which turned out to be good since the South Branch of the Potomac River was running UNDER the minimum height required to actually float. And while the adventure was probably awesome and we heard lots of great tales about portage and patience….if I’m gonna be in a canoe, I’d prefer not to have to carry it.

So this year when ScoutingWV sent out a call for brave souls to take on the Trough again and Mother Nature (who is really a Mother) decided to send storm after storm our way, I said “heck yeah!”

The river was still running at a nice depth of around 3.5 feet when we set out, so there was no portage. And somehow we managed to not capsize.

And now, courtesy of ScoutingWV with additions by yours truly, Some highlights to ask about the next time you see anyone from this trip:

  • SKIPPER!!!
  • That was a RACCOON that jumped in the river?
  • How many paddles do Frogs need in a canoe?
  • Where oh where did my maple paddle go?
  • Mike was right??? What’s up with that?
  • Heeere fishy fishy fishy!
  • Has anyone seen my sunglasses?
  • This cache was found only twice in the last two years, but now it’s had to be found twice in 20 minutes.
  • “So I was scratching and felt this thing hanging there – there was a tick on my butt!”
  • You drove into town for a coke? There’s a vending machine over at the bath house …
  • Can’t I just bring an Italian to the festivus?
  • They’re gonna put 160 kids in the river? Well, where are they gonna go?
  • The Grey Man (who we truly hope is out of the hospital and home recovering.)
  • MOOOO….MOOOOOO….MOOOOO…hey, the cows came home! (Great Cattle Drive of 2008)
  • The hellcat that chased the raccoon into the water
  • Nature is a Mother
  • Help, I have two right feet. Now I’m going to row in circles.

chris on June 15th 2008 in Links

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