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sMAGPI (y’all)

Knight Who Says Ni and wvhunter74, a little jealous because the Northern MAGPI were always having so much fun, set out to show us who put the “S” in sMAGPI!

It was a bright, hot and beautiful day down in the Charleston area. Perfect for a little Meat, a little Greet, a few caches, some ammo can tossing and t-shirt bludgeoning. What more could a person want? Not a whole lot it turns out. First event of the day, after signing in of course, was to play Caching Feats Bingo. Person who gets the most squares filled wins. Sounds easy right? Well you can only use each cacher once. So who would admit to using a Magellan as their primary GPSr? Surely someone out there has DNF’d the same cache 3 times and admitted it. Cached in Europe? What about found an aquacache (not the person)….or who out there has a dedicated cachemobile? And then there were a few cachers who clearly had to fill in one specific square that could pertain only to them….Needless to say, people got to know each other really fast!

Next on the schedule (the very rough schedule to be certain) was the Ammo Can Toss. Those cachers that had attended the MEAT-n-Greet at Cooper’s Rock back in July knew what it was all about. Not one to make things easy, Knight Who Says Ni had upgraded to a 50 cal ammo can. Now that’s some serious weight to go tossing around. The crowd was a little unsure about this seemingly sacrilegious abuse of an ammo can, so wvhunter74 stepped up to the plate to demonstrate. Oh his throw was mighty alright, but the landing not so much. The can took a half roll, the lid exploded and rocks flew everywhere. Oops. After that demonstration and pretty much figuring things couldn’t get worse than that, cachers lined up to give it a go.

Things were going smoothly with Beaver Crew in the lead. A few of the little cachers even stepped up to give the can a toss. And then from the back of the pack emerged the winner of the 3rd Great MEAT-n-Greet Ammo Can Toss 89SC. Without sidekick Little Wooden Boy around 89SC was the unspoken favorite (at least for those of us who’d attended the earlier competition in Morgantown). With a little experience behind him 89SC demonstrated the fine can tossing form that sent the can hurtling and then rolling, rolling, rolling….Winning distance was a hair over 50 feet.  

Saving the best for last, the sMAGPI crew unveiled as yet untried game in the geocaching community (thanks to ScoutingWV for give us the how-to)…..FROZEN T-SHIRT. What? Yes, you read right. Frozen t-shirts. All nicely folded, rolled, soaked and stuck in the freezer by Spotty Spotty Pony Girl on Thursday night. Even after transportation from Morgantown to Charleston early in the morning they were still a mass of ice.

  The crowd was a bit dubious at first. How could you do anything with that? And were they really shirts? Not possible….but curiosity was too much and so soon all 14 shirts were handed out and the chaos began. First and foremost, how could you even get the frozen cylinders to open up even a little? Several methods were tried. Mashing was a good first option, until the rock that was being used started to crumble. Resources were limited and there was not exactly a good selection of large rocks laying about, so other options had to be sought out.  Since we had a water fountain on site some of the clever cachers headed over there hoping the luke warm water would speed up the thawing process maybe just a little. A few thought perhaps lemonade might aid in the melting process. Others (pbump) used the x-ray vision method which just didn’t do much at all. There was talk of using flames, but that was quickly put to rest by being declared illegal in the game. Eventually one of the younger cachers hit upon a brilliant plan….beat the shirts against the rocks. Soon others were joining it. It looked like a group of angry laundry men. Victory came to the cacher that first hit upon the beating the shirt on the rocks method . Oddly enough, cachers continued to work on the remaining shirts with some determination and it wasn’t too long before there were additional cachers wearing shredded, dripping, dirty shirts.

So, kudos to Knight Who Says Ni and wvhunter74 for putting on a good show, stuffing us full of yummy food and letting us be ridiculous. You guys did good!  

chris on August 25th 2008 in Geocaching, Links

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  1. sMAGPI (y’all) | RockTees.net responded on 25 Aug 2008 at 12:44 pm #

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  2. MJ Klein responded on 28 Aug 2008 at 2:09 am #

    wow, what a huge event. makes our geocaching events in Taiwan seem like we didn’t show up!

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