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Hotspur.us » Spending Rebellion Day in Scotland (July 4)

Spending Rebellion Day in Scotland (July 4)

Both us and our luggage arrived in Scotland Wednesday morning.  It was hot. Not hot for Scotland, but hot. Period. Chad had decided early on that we were not messing with the bus system to get us to our lodging on the Royal Mile, since last time we’d drug three heavy suitcases up a myriad of steps, like these…

only more worn, more weirdly pitched and more of them. This time he wanted front door service, and after being greeted by a blast of hot air, I was in complete agreement about it. 

We were staying at a place called Aparthotel. Leading up to the trip I could not remember the name and kept calling it the Apartheid Hotel which Chad suggested I stop doing, lest I accidentally say it upon arrival. At any rate, the place had some interesting decor going on…

I was so taken by the very judgy red deer staring at me, that it was quite some time before I walked by, stopped, turned to look at the collage and said….”Is THAT Sean Connery?” (Which obviously I knew it was, but it none-the-less left me a bit flummoxed, until I remembered we were in Scotland he was Scottish.) 

Refreshed and somewhat oriented, we set out to explore and find some food.  

Things were hoppin’ for sure! We wandered around, just taking in the sites and sounds. And believe me, there was a lot to see. Including this lovely bit of street art which literally stopped me in my tracks! I love finding weird and random stuff like this. It’s such a fun surprise! (The art…not Chad, just to clarify.)

Not far past this high quality display, we saw this…

We sort of saw it, kept walking, and then once it registered what we had seen, we went back to get a better look. There’s nothing like seeing your country from another one’s eyes. Fourth of July = Jack Daniels & BBQ. I’m kinda surprised we got that much credit and it wasn’t Coors & hot dogs. 

We’d had a rather lengthy discussion trying to determine if we’d ever been to The National Portrait Gallery. I said no. Chad said yes. We’ve been to a lot of portrait galleries in a lot of places, but I was certain we hadn’t done so in Scotland. Chad said yeah….it was that place on our first trip. Nope. That was somewhere outside of Glasgow and required a bus transfer and it was the only day it rained on that trip. (Which is pretty good recall for me since I usually don’t even know what day it is.) And then we pulled up photos…nope, we’d definitely not been to the one here. And so we went. 

Because we were partly tired, and it was starting to sprinkle, and the museum was free. And the atrium was, as you can see from above, lovely. Just lovely! Also…some high quality images depicting Scotland’s past…

You have to embiggen this one…it took all I could not to laugh out loud at the look on this guy’s face. Oh man. 

And then there was her….

“Does he not know any other song?” The poor harpist, I’m sure it was quite difficult to get a wide variety of sheet music that wasn’t Wonderwall. 

In all seriousness though, the Gallery had some amazing pieces. Chad found me happily oogling the portraits of the early Scottish rulers. It’s one thing to see them in books, it’s another thing all together to be standing right in front of them. I was really very happy that we’d popped in. However, it had been a long day (night? somit ething) and I was running out of steam, so we had a little nap before hitting the town again. 

First stop on the pub crawl….The Jolly Judge, of course!

I’m pretty sure the gent sitting at the corner of the bar reading a newspaper was the same guy we’d seen in 2015, doing the exact same thing in the exact same spot. And I can’t say I wouldn’t be tempted to do the same if I lived or worked nearby. 

We’d tried to get into the Cannon’s Gait earlier, but it was packed with tons of folks in fancy clothes – loads of hats and fascinators for the ladies – since apparently the Queen was having a garden party. In the end it worked out quite well for us. When we managed to get in later, there was a jam session going on – fiddles, a concertina, accordions, guitars, recorder, flute. 

We accidentally horrified the very nice lady behind the bar by asking here, at 10:30 pm, where we might get dinner. She visibly started and then said, well no, everything is closed. (Ok, Morgantown, you’ve got that up on the Royal Mile, but that’s it.) We did decide to take a look on some of the side streets, but even the take away places were closed. 

What to do? What to do? 

Head down to the World’s End for one last beer and return to our for a dinner of food bars. 

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