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Hotspur.us » Surprise! Happy 40th!

Surprise! Happy 40th!

It’s hard to have a surprise party for someone when they aren’t home on their birthday. And maybe he might have been suspicious. So instead, for his 40th I had his party 2 weeks later. I am so sneaky (yeah, not really).

Fortunately I had enough back up support from Bump, Dee & Rob and BJ to make sure it went smoothly.

B had the delightful chore of transporting the balloons in his Jeep.Which he did without any balloon casualties.

Bump was in charge of keeping me abreast of who all had arrived. He did a most excellent job. My phone was blowing up with messages. You’d have thought I was staging an invasion of of Morgantown. Also he brought cool Batman party favors.

And Dee & Rob were in charge of showing up and being the (non-Chad) guests of honor!

Judging by the look on his face when we got close enough to our table, I’d say mission accomplished.

Chad received many gifts of alcohol, including delicious fancy beer from Amy & Justin and some fine imported Canadian alcoholic beverages from Dee & Rob.

Happy Birthday! You’re old!


chris on August 17th 2012 in Family

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