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Hotspur.us » the 4th Great MEAT-n-Greet @ Cooper’s Rock

the 4th Great MEAT-n-Greet @ Cooper’s Rock

For the fourth year running, the gang over at MAGPI pulled out all the stops and put on one heck of a geocaching event at Cooper’s Rock. 

Since I was the unoffical co-host this year (that means I got to be the one standing on the table shouting directions)  I told wvhunter I’d meet him at Pavilion #3 by 9 a.m. Of course I knew that meant I’d be there somewhere between 9 and 9:30 and he’d be there by 8:15.  So imagine my surprise when I rolled up to Pavilion #3 and no one was in sight. Hmmm. I checked my phone, yep it was well after 9 a.m. In fact it was 9:22. Odd. We don’t call wvhunter Captain OCD for nothing. Since his vehicle was no where in sight I figured that either he was late (which seemed extremely unlikely) or that an ax murdered had killed him and stolen his vehicle. I shrugged, well someone had to get ready for all the cachers that were showing up in a few hours. No time to worry about ax murderers this fine morning.

He turned up eventually, which was good since he had stuff we needed and we soon we had people pouring in to help set up. Heck, we were in full swing before I even knew it. The food was unbelievable – especially Mamma Moo’s delicious platter of chocolate coated, chocolate bombs. I’m surprised Mooman56 even made it to the pavilion carrying that much sought after tray of goodies.

This year the grill arrived safe and sound without incident. Pbump had volunteered to be master of the grill, going so far as to order a special apron for the day. There was a small explosion during the lighting of the grill (why do our grills never have working ignition switches?) in which no pbumps were harmed. Other than that, the food was flying off the grill slightly slower than the (apparently) starving horde of cachers could eat it. But that was OK because we had plenty of other goodies to choose from.

Ammo Can Toss

 Keeping with the tradition of last year, I went with a 30 cal. ammo can [we’d experimented with a 50 cal at the sMAGPI event and it was a bit much].  However, I did take heed of ScoutingWV’s suggestion that I duct tape it shut since we’d had a minor explosion last year. It was a darn good thing I did because our contestants from the Fayette Cong really beat the daylights out of the can this year. It hit rocks, it had near misses with picnic benches & lovely assistants. That can was flying! Mother Nature even threw in her two cents with a short burst of rain that sent some of the cachers scuttling for cover under the pine trees.  In the end it was the Fayette Cong crew who blew the socks off everyone else –  Mooman56  winged that can 65.1 feet. His lovely prize? The very same can. Hope it still shuts!

Find the X

The area behind the pavilion was littered with red flags stuck seemingly willy nilly all around. One was in a tree, some were over there, a few up close to the pavilion (one of those was mine, BAD GPSr! BAD!).

 It’s always fun to watch other cachers place their flags. Did they use the March Until Zero method or the Drunken Bee Stagger? Perhaps the Mill About Aimlessly approach. Whatever method was in vogue, it failed. Failed I say because the winner was Zoraman’s daughter and she placed her flag with no GPSr whatever! I think I see a lucrative career in her future!

Let’s Make A Deal!

Loyal sidekick Little Wooden Boy made winners of all the lucky contestants of Let’s Make A Deal! From Rock_Rat’s fabulous geo-keychain to DOUBLEDOGHUNTER’s balloon no one walked away empty handed.  Upon review sidekick noted that since everyone traded for the unknown contents of the containers he was gonna need a prize wheel to spin next year (CLCombat….you’re on that, right?)

Famous Couples

Because I like to force people to mingle we had a little game called Famous Couples this year. Everyone’s nametag had the name of 1/2 of a famous couple. [for example… June and Ward] The goal was to find your other half and then enter into a drawing.  So first you gotta figure out who the other half of your couple would be and thankfully I had a cheat sheet available. Then you had to find them.  Which was probably a little easier said than done at first.  Our winning famous couple was John & Yoko AKA thebuddhaman & Mooman56. And what a lovely couple they were.

Much thanks to everyone that brought stuff, helped out, ran games, cleaned up, ate food (less for me to take home) and most importantly –  had fun! See you all next year!

chris on July 27th 2009 in Geocaching

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