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The Feline Dictators

We live with three cats. They pretty much think they rule the house. At the very least they outnumber the humans 3 to 2. (If you add in the ferrets, the humans are outnumbered 5 to 2.)

Ghost is the matriarch at 12 years of age. She constantly reminds us that her life would be so much better if she had no siblings. She says this very loudly and at all possible opportunities. Most recently she gave us a scare when it looked as if she might have a tumor in her eye. A visit to the veterinary opthamalogist (and a few dollars later) we were much relieve to find out it is only a cyst.

Freyr is the middle child and only boy. We brought him into the house because Ghost was mourning the passing of our other (at the time only other) cat.  Ghost would sit and wail. She seemed sad. We brought home Freyr. She seemed angry. Oh well.  Freyr operates under the misconception that he is a tiger, not a 7 lb. red tabby. He has that tiger strut. He pesters his sisters. And he hates dogs. No, hate is not a strong enough word. He despises dogs. He has tried to attack my mom’s rotweiler, Major. The poor dog had no idea there was even a cat around. It’s been downhill since then.

Seti…oh Seti. She was born under a pine tree on Easter to a stray momacat. It took some serious effort (me climbing under Grandma’s creepy porch  being only part of it), but we rescued her and her 4 siblings. One was silver, the rest jet black. Seti is gorgeous but dumb as a post, no dumber than a post if that is possible. The other sibling that we keep track of is exactly the same. Our vet tells us that Seti may have good teeth. I can only hope so, because besides looks, that would be all she has going for her.

chris on March 30th 2008 in Animals

to “The Feline Dictators”

  1. Karen responded on 16 Apr 2008 at 2:53 pm #

    Ah Seti, yes you share the same brain as your silver sister. It’s a shame you can’t work out a time share where in at least part of the time you could have a whole brain and not just half. Maybe then your sis wouldn’t be so psychotic.

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