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The Fellowship of Tater Cache

the fellowship had not yet gathered when we lost one of our own. Loyal sidekick little wooden boy announced his decision to stay home to guard the mighty fortress from the impending doom of rain.

Thus one man down, the fellowship, now numbered at Seven [wvhunter, wvcoalcat, Rock_Rat, Country_Rat, Gentleman-Carpenter, 89SC and myself], gathered at the parking coordinates to begin our mighty journey. We had high hopes, as 89SC had already completed this quest and would guide our path.

With a short respite to view the falls and other natural wonders we gathered supplies and headed up, seeking the elusive ammo can of goodness.

First to fall to the treacherous mountain pass was Gentleman-Carpenter. We mourned our fallen (or resting as it was) companion and pushed upward.

Word soon reached the leaders of the fellowship that we had lost a second when Rock_Rat admitted defeat at the hands of WvGeoTreeO.

And still Country_Rat, 89SC, wvcoalcat, wvhunter and myself pushed onward. Soon the group spread out with Country_Rat leading the way. The ever spry 89SC bouncing from rock to rock, taking photos of our epic journey and delighting us with tales of his original ascent.

Soon, Country_Rat, 89SC and I found ourselves ahead of the group and realized that it was likely at least one more of our companions had fallen. Soon wvcoalcat communicated the demise of his dear brother wvhunter. Still we trudged onward.

The three of us had crested the climb when Mother Nature opened the heavens and let forth a soaking rain. Still we pushed on, the wonders of the ammo can of goodness within mere hundreds of feet.

Under the relative safety of the bountiful flora, we found the hidden treasure and were making fast work of affixing our names to the log when wvcoalcat appeared, bedraggled, but alive.

As the downpour slackened and then increased, we scrambled to find a better way down, certain that our path upward would in no way be a fit descent. And it was then that we truly struck gold, for in the pouring rain we discovered the better path.

Our ascent measured 1.5 hours. Our broken fellowship descended in 25 minutes.

Our beleaguered comrades gathered at the pic-nic table of rest while we regaled them with stories of our victorious climb.

Then we staggered back to our transportation and set out for easier tasks.

chris on June 15th 2008 in Geocaching, Links

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