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The Mystery Explained

We have three four cats. And they have three dishes: two standard cat food dishes and one of the salad plates from our dishes. I’m not sure why we have four cats and three dishes, but we do. Cats, or at least our cats, are very neat eaters. They hunker down near the food dishes and NOM. That’s it. No picking food up and moving it to a better dining spot, no digging in the dish. So here’s the conundrum –  WHY is there always cat food kibble on the floor.

It was a constant source of annoyance. And confusion.

And then we walked into the kitchen and saw Orlando standing IN the salad plate eating the cats’ food.

Well, it may not be the biggest mystery in our house, but now it’s solved. Which means we can now spend our extra time concentrating on Orlando’s little “problem”.

chris on June 5th 2010 in Animals

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