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The Toy – Demolition Day

True, it’s not really that bad. But it’s not really that good either. After trying several methods to get the clutch to break free it became apparent that to get my car fixed we were going to have to start pulling things out.

The first things to go were the seats. And trust me, it sounds easier than it really was.

Problem 1: Seat bolts were not all bolts on driver’s seat. Some genius had used one (yes 1 and only 1 thankfully) screw with a square nut. And guess what? It was all rusty.
End Result 1: Broken screw, but seat removed.

Problem 2: Passenger seat refused to move back on rails. And here all this time I assumed the passenger seat was pushed all the way back, because who moves it up? Come on now.
End Result 1: After PB Blasting the living daylights out of the rail, putting my feet on the dash and shoving with all my might, the seat moved.

Problem 3: Nuts for front screws of passenger seat rails are cleverly hidden under the frame. No, seriously. Kinda hard to see if turning the bolt was moving the nut.
End Result 3: After PB Blasting the underside of the car to death (do you see a trend here) the bolts came out. Whew.

Ok, seats are out. New revelation….carpet is more disgusting than I had earlier realized. I’m not sure how this is a revelation, but it is. And it is revolting. Add that to my list of things to purchase.

With the seats out, it was now time to pull off the “thing” covering the transmission. It appears to be some kind of MDF board which had been beaten to a pulp (possibly kicked I’m thinking) and then taped and tarred back into submission. Removal was not a big deal….until I saw the underside which sent me running for fresh air. The entire underside of that thing was covered with the typical black sludge, the non-tuberculosis causing nastiness that grows on the sludge and some additional unidentifiable yellow fuzzy stuff. I think my car is growing new life forms.

With the “thing” out of the way and perched precariously atop the random assortment of things in my garage it was time to figure out the next step. Mostly this consisted of sitting and staring at the transmission which clearly was not going to remove itself.

chris on April 29th 2008 in Vehicles

to “The Toy – Demolition Day”

  1. Kim Mares responded on 29 Apr 2008 at 12:58 pm #

    Miss Jack of all trades….LOL

  2. Seinfelds Evil Clone responded on 30 Apr 2008 at 7:51 pm #

    Pretty Cool. I recommend taking care of those floor pans while the carpet is up. Get some good quality gloves and sandpaper and steel wool. Get as much of the rust off as you can, and shop vac the thing to get rid of the particles… then, put on a few coats of rust inhibitor paint. Should give you more time.

    Also, as for a radio … copy/paste this link …. might look cool in your car.


  3. TheNHBushman.com | Bushman’s Picks, May 3, 2008 responded on 03 May 2008 at 5:15 am #

    […] Chris has an update on the rebuild of her TR4A.  It’s turning out to be a bit more than expected. […]

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