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the Toy, my Nemesis

Ok. So “do or die” day turned into “try and try again” day much as Keith, my partner in crime, suggested it would. Darn it!

The day’s work started out with a good omen, which should have been a sign that nothing else was going to go right. The new plug I bought for the oil pan (because we shall not discuss the removal of the old one – hammer & vice grips) fit like a dream. And the oil filter seemed to go back in alright – please note the foreshadowing.

Now according to the “how to take apart and reassemble your car” book that I have, the Toy requires oil in the following measurements:

  • 10 Imperial Pints OR
  • 12 U.S. Pints, OR
  • 5.7 Liters

Trying to do the conversion from pints to gallon was interesting as I’ve never been good at liquid measurements and I was WAY too overstimulated about the pending freedom of driving a convertible.

Dump in one gallon of oil. Start car. All seems to be going well until I hear what sounded like a waterfall coming from under the hood. Oil was pouring out of the filter all over my garage floor. AAAACK! I’d moved the oil bucket from earlier. Scoot bucket back under there, so now it is sitting IN the spreading puddle of oil. Great. Cat litter! Where’s the cat litter! EEEEEK. (For a change I was thankful we had cats.)

Sigh….Clearly the oil filter needed to be pulled back out. I’m under the car when my phone rings, causing me to jerk and nearly knock myself unconscious on the frame. Nice. Chad paces around waiting for something to happen and Keith arrives.

Pull out the filter, try two different gaskets with me under the car and my car-repair-mentor reaching in from top. [Note to self: when you receive two different sized gaskets in the standard package from the parts supply store, it’s probably a good indication that things are not going to be easy.] Reassemble and hope for the best.

But wait! One of the old hoses on the gas line was rotted and dripping – to the point of being gooey. How that was missed in the great hose replacement is beyond me. Replacing the hose was a major fiasco – despite the car being jacked from the front, the fuel was spewing forth like a geyser the second the hose was pulled off. Three hands didn’t fit down there too well, but we got it under control eventually. Nothing like coating the garage floor with 93 octane fuel…..

Alright, now clearly this is where it’s gonna get good, right? Time to back the Toy out and commence the joy ride.

Uhuh. Chad is ready with the camera to capture this momentous occasion. I start her up (and I must point out she starts like a dream) and put her in gear…..and uh…..put her in reverse and….ok, so put the car in reverse and….

Aw now…Come ON! The clutch was fine when the problems began. It was the overheating and then the inability to start that was the problem…oh for…..COME ON!

I should have suspected this. In the grand tradition of British Sports Cars, when you fix one thing, something new (and more than likely more expensive) goes wrong.

I’ll post more when something new happens. Right now I have an environmental disaster to clean up in my garage….

chris on April 19th 2008 in Vehicles

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