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Hotspur.us » This Florida thing is pretty good.

This Florida thing is pretty good.

So having watched the Mountaineers (barely) achieve victory the night before, Chad and I were ready for a nice relaxing day of geocaching in the sun. So we headed to St. Petersburg.

And it was pretty much apparent that even if we only got one geocache I was not going to give a flying fig newton…because it was sunny and warm here in Florida. Sunny & warm I tell you!  So sunny and warm that we ditched our shoes and went for a stroll on the beach.

The sand was awesomely warm and…even better….the water was so warm. I was giddy, giddy I tell you! Even Chad seemed to have a good time (which I suspected he would since it isn’t water he dislikes, it’s swimming).

As I said, I was giddy about the water, the sand, the entire being warm and the sun being out. The sun was REALLY out.

It was a very good day indeed. And that’s all I really need to say.



chris on December 8th 2011 in Travel

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