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Time to pick up the trash

I spend a lot of time traipsing around in the woods (and getting shredded by the thorns, falling in the creeks and attacked by insects). Which is to say, I have a lot of fun. And like a good little geocacher (and hiker) what I pack in, I pack back out…well except the blood & sweat, not much I can do about that.  So when CITO (Cache In Trash Out) time arrived this April, loyal sidekick and I were ready to roll.  We, along with several of our MAGPI brethren, headed up to CITO in the Cong V.

After meeting up and doning our fancy flourescent safety vests – nothing like picking up trash during spring gobbler season – we headed out. Wow. The area was in desperate need of a clean up. Once we got over the hillside it was apparent that this area had been a dumping ground for years and years. The layers of garbage was simply obscene. Tires, bags upon bags of dirty diapers (I want to find that person and slap them in the face with a whole bag full of old dirty diapers), decapitated dolls, the remains of a bathroom remodel, couches, television sets, beds, box springs….it goes on and on. Just layers and layers and layers.

Spread out over the hillside we started shouting out any time we had a good find. After all wvcoalcat was in the market for a toilet so he could have his very own Preston County Flower Pot and someone found almost an entire living room suit – sofa, recliner, two large television sets. I ran across a bodiless doll about the same time taht wvhunter came up with a head. Nothing says creepy like broken, filthy headless toys. Well, except maybe a big old suitcase that was still shut. Did we really want to open that?

 But then groggamer came up with the best find of the day….

And since no story is complete until I do something that ranks really high on the level of  zero – stupid I did not disappoint. Having come up from the hillside I thought I’d help move some tires out of the way. No big deal, they weren’t that heavy and I still had enough energy to be of a little help. All was going well until about the 3rd or 4th tire, which happened to still have nasty tire water in it. Black…smelly…old…full of god knows what. I tossed it into the pile, it hit and SPLASH! All over my hat, sunglasses, my face, in my ear, down my shirt.

I stopped, literally dripping wet and already smelling quite foul. I heard sidekick say, “Oh babe…” he was already probably thinking about how smelly the ride home was going to be.

BUT I am nothing if not prepared. “I’ll be right back,” I said and walked back to the car for my change of clothes. Thank god I’m prepared.

Kudos to Dolphy for organizing this clean up! I had a great time despite being covered in tire filth –  plus they fed us pizza aftewards!

Another job well done gang!

chris on May 18th 2011 in Geocaching

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