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Time for a Dunk

Instant Family made the trek from the great frozen tundra that is Canandia (although i understand it is thawing now for the short week they call Summer up that way) to West Virginia to have the kiddos baptized. I was excited to stand (and not due much else with the brokenness and all) as godmother to Giant Baby V. Fortunately Giant Baby V’s uncle & godfather was able to hold her for our photo op. Otherwise I’d have been back in surgery I fear.

As with most things that involve Team Kuclick [that would be us representing ICK and Instant Family representing KUCL], there was a tiny hitch. This time in the form of a 10K race. Now normally something like this would not cause any of us a second thought…except that half the roads in town leading to the rendezvous point were closed. But never fear, I am, if nothing else, a little too prepared with navigational equipment. Take that stupid 10K race.

The proud grandparents of Instant Family – both sets – as well as the siblings, sibling-in-law and related small children made this a decent size gang of well dressed folks parading through the streets on our way to the church. The twins were above average adorable in their little white christening outfits sitting in a red wagon. I mean honestly, the cute factor was off the chart. And when you added in Giant Baby V in a fluffy cloud of baptismal gown stuffed into her stroller….

For a triple baptism all went well. Especially considering we were impinging on naptime and hedging close to food time. Throw in a little overstimulation and we could have had a disaster or at least a meltdown. As it is, the small children of Instant Family pulled it off. [this bodes really well for our future forced marches…or it will when Giant Baby V learns to walk]

After dousing the kiddos and taking a profuse amount of photos [yay for digital, shoot to your heart’s content and feel secure that at least one of those pictures from the three, or four, or five cameras was going to come out nicely] we paraded back across town.

After tucking Giant Baby V in for a well deserved nap, the rest of us headed out for a little post-baptismal food cramming. And white sangria.

chris on June 19th 2009 in Family

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