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Too early.

Shows at 123 Pleasant Street do not start on time. Personal experience has proven this over and over again (with one tragic exception….oh Cracker how I cried).

And yes, despite my snarky reminders to that end, Chad insisted we head down to 123 just prior to 10 p.m. to make sure we didn’t miss The Felice Brothers (2 bands on the schedule, they were on last).

He figured that since the show was billed as starting at 8:30 p.m. we should arrive about the time The Felice Brothers were setting up.

We were early. Very, very early. As in the first band was just doing sound check early. 

Still, it was a good show and while I could have snuck a nap in had we left the house later, I think I held up pretty well. I hit a wall at the 1 a.m. mark. That wall may or may not have been real and not metaphorical.

And for a brief moment, in the hazy, smokey fold of the former Nyabinghi Dance Hall, surrounded by flannel and chuck taylors while perched on a shelf I could have sworn it was 1993.

chris on October 6th 2011 in Blogroll

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