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With some unseasonably high temps hanging around, to say it’s been uncomfortable is a serious understatement….the dog days of summer are supposed to be in August, not September

Highs in the 90’s and no cloud cover in sight….it’s a lot to take even for me

It’s been so bad that even I have been reluctant to head outside…and the thought of putting on jeans and riding Villain…unthinkable

So you know what that means, right? Less clothes is better….

It’s time to go Topless…………………….pass the sunscreen please.

Get your minds out of the gutter….I’m not talking about me

it was time to remove the Toy’s convertible top which had descended into disgustingness and try out the tonneau that had just arrived. And since I was pulling stuff apart I went ahead and yanked off the cover that hides the gas tank so I could replace it. And pulled off more various odds and disgusting ends. One day I’ll reassmble her and she’ll be gorgeous. Right now, it’s all triage.

chris on September 3rd 2008 in Vehicles

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