Amsterdam NYE 2005

New Year's Eve 2005 in Amsterdam.

Golden Domes & Chi-Town

A short trip up to South Bend, Indiana...and an even shorter trip to Chicago. Ah, the midwest, it's so flat.

Ten Years at Bedford Springs

Ten year anniversary at Bedford Springs Resort.

Grand Canyon 2005

Our journey to Grand Canyon. Includes a two night stay on the canyon floor, plus a day trip to Ribbon Falls.

Handout NYE2004

The only way to keep Team Kuclick organized during our NYE adventures is via handout. And Dee is the handout specialist.

Spain 2003 - Team Kuclick NYE

Team Kuclick journeys to Spain to ring in another New Year.

Scotland 2004

Vacation to Scotland for our 5th anniversary.

NYE 2009

Team Kuclick is back again. NYE at Bedford Springs Resort

NYE 2009: the Main Event

Palatial Estate, Snow, Fancy Dress Party. Oh yeah. We're back

Gettysburg & Home

Our second day of forced marching was less force marching, thankfully.


It\'s warm here. And WVU won.

St. Petersburg, Florida

You know what\'s warm? The water in the bay. Yep. Walking in the warm water in December.

Dunedin, FL

Yeah. I love this place.

Gettysburg, Take Two

We had such a good time, we decided to go back to Gettysburg. This time with a little preparation


Anniversary time...where to go? Where to go? how about Gettysburg on Easter weekend.

Beach Ponies

Trip to the Outer Banks to see the herd of wild ponies and drive a Jeep.

Richmond, VA and heading home

after the beach we meandered home, grabbing some caches along the way

Bluestone & Pipestem State Parks

On our way home from NC we grabbed two more state parks for the State Park Challenge & the VIPP program. We are sooo organized.

Wilmington 2012

Chris & Chad take a vacation. No really, a vacation. It\'s crazy

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