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Vengence: FAIL

I dislike DNFs. Alot. So when I found myself in Charleston with some free time and some willing accomplices I figured time was ripe for a little revenge. After all, 8 eyes have got to be better than 2 when going after Garbriel Oak (GCKDCA).  First things first, our intrepid band – Knight Who Says Ni, wvangler, wvhunter74 & myself – had the foresight to mark the cars lest we repeat the unfortunate series of events of our original assault on Little Creek Park.

But alas, despite our overwhelming desire to find this cache, we failed. Failed in the biggest Failing way possible. We climbed around the bank. We walked in the creek. We discussed I did an amazing feat of balance clambering about on a very root-o-rific tree. We posed for pictures. And all for naught.

From there we went after Right on Target which was  simply a precursor to us finding a place to eat. Because NOM is always important. And of course I also so very do love to triangulate. Love it you know. Yep, me and triangulation we are like THAT.

Also, it was an excellent opportunity for additional epic caching photography. You know, make it look like we are out on GREAT CACHING ADVENTURES hiking MILES and MILES UPHILL in the SNOW. Instead of walking up a gradual incline in a slight breeze.

What with the visually EPIC CACHING behind us we had one more cache to get before the non-caching reinforcements showed up to NOM. Oh sure we were lightheaded from lack of food and too lazy to actually walk to see the signs (yes, kinda embarassed to admit that) but we perservered and grabbed one last cache.

All in all, not a bad run, but really…that Gabriel Oak is starting to get on my nerves.

chris on February 22nd 2009 in Geocaching

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