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Vietnam Bound

Woke up early Saturday morning and headed to the airport. Early, as in 1:15 am alarm. What a way to start vacation! Arriving at the ticket counter 3 hours ahead of time because of an international flight, we found it closed. And it wasn’t just us. When the ticket counter opened at 4 am, there was a line. Oh, and the automated check-in that you are supposed to do before going to the counter had not recognized my passport, insisting that the name on my ticket and the name on my passport were not identical. I was already twitching when we got to the desk. I love 4 am. I love expecting service from people who really could give a rat’s bum that I’ve paid an awful lot of money to be there…at 4 am, following the rules like a good passenger.

I handed the lady my rejection slip and my passport and she started scanning and typing, her body language was terrible. She kept shaking her head NO. She didn’t say anything, just grimaced and shook her head NO. I was trying really hard not to flip out ahead of time. And then, just like that, she handed me my ticket without explanation and vacation was still a go!  

Our route took us from Pittsburgh to Detroit. We had bloody maries at the Detroit airport – that’s traditionally how we celebrate the beginning of vacation at an airport…if the bar is open, at any rate. 

Also, they have this very cool water feature in Detroit. And it was near our gate. AND I was trying to make sure I got in at least 4 miles today because of various and sundry challenges I’m doing, so I passed by it quite a few times. It was cool. 

From there we flew to Seoul. The airport was more like a very high end shopping mall that happened to have an airport attached. 

And finally on to Hanoi. At some point the time and day changed. When we finally landed in Hanoi it was 9 pm Sunday night. We were confused and disoriented, but we’d made it! Hooray, vacation!

chris on March 5th 2017 in Travel

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