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WV County Challenge Final GC1QWJF

So thanks to wvangler I can say I have found an actual physical geocache in every one of the 55 counties in the lovely state of West Virgina. Now anyone who is not from WV may wonder why we have 55 counties. To this I say, “please don’t get me started.”  Not having had a satisfactory answer, a non-resident of WV may then ask how hard it could be to get all 55 counties since WV is small. To that person I would say, “don’t make me kill you.”

At any rate after making one last heroic journey to the ends of the earth (Williamson, WV) I found a cache in Mingo County and from there pushed on to Wayne County, grabbing my last remaining pages for the DeLorme Challenge as well.

My reward for dragging my arse from one end of this Wild and Wonderful state to the other was the coordinates to the final for GC1QWJF.  And to be honest I was probably more than a little delighted when I received those coordinates from wvangler. Immediately I started scheduling with pbump to see about going after this cache. After all he had done an awful lot of planning last year that facilitated knocking off a good many of the counties.

With few open weekends we decided that July 10 was the day. I figured it wouldn’t take much to convince Aquacache to come along on a nice long walk. 89SC had already said he would love to come back to the final (yes, Mr. Overachiever had already completed the challenge).

Thanks ‘angler. I don’t necessarily take back all those nasty things I said about you…but it was sort of fun!

chris on July 19th 2010 in Geocaching

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